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The challenges faced by parents when raising multiples

The challenges faced by parents when raising multiples

Conceiving and giving birth to multiples is regarded as a miracle of life, a blessing and joyful event. Be it twins, triplets or more, it is always a beautiful and amazing moment when they are born. But raising multiple born kids is not an easy task for the parents concerned, people always say how hard it is to raise a baby now imagine having to raise more than one baby at the same time. The challenges faced by parents who are enthroned with this task are great; they range from economical right up to social challenges.


Social challenges


Try to think about the number of parents that you know who have multiple born kids, chances are they are very few if not none. Now that probably is the biggest social challenge parents born with twins, triplets or more have to face. Their social support structure has no experience in raising multiple kids and as such, advice and help is limited and the parents tend to feel socially isolated.


The fatigue and demands related to care of the kids would most probably strip them of the time meet and socialize with their peers. All personal interests and hobbies are quickly forgotten and replaced by focusing on providing extra care for the multiples.


Parents raising multiples may also face the following social problems:


  • Strained relationships and marriages
  • Isolation from community and family activities
  • Unwanted attention in public


Economical Challenges


Multiples bring about incredible financial challenges to the parents concerned. With multiples everything is bought in double or triple the quantity. Even when the parents some of their older kids staff stored somewhere it becomes absolute when multiple babies are involved. For example more than one crib is needed, car seats have to match the number of the infants, high seats and other things all have to be bought in multiple quantities. The feeding also has to be supplemented and extra help hired to help take care of the kids. The list of expenses is endless.


In addition to all these expenses, multiple births usually come with an inflated hospital bill that can take ages to repay. All this is in assumption that none of the kids presents with health problems or disabilities.


As these kids grow older, they will all go to nursery school at the same time, they will start elementary school at the same time meaning they will even graduate high school at the same time and need go to college at the same time. This is when things get really challenging for the parents.


Parents facing such challenges can however seek assistance from government agencies, community support groups and private agencies.


Emotional challenges


From the time of pregnancy right up until the babies are born, growing and going to school, the parents concerned face a whole lot of emotional challenges. By far the most common emotional problem faced by these parents is stress and anxiety. It could be from the high-risk pregnancy or worrying about providing for the babies when they are born. Bonding and attaching to the kids tends to be a problem too.


Logistical problems


As multiple kids grow so will the physical and logistical challenges. There will be room and bed challenges, often there is need to invest in bunk beds. Transportation will also present some challenges, parents who can afford it usually purchase larger family vehicles to make room for the multiples.


The multiples also present feeding and baby sitting challenges. One person can have serious problems providing such care alone, especially when it is time to go back to work. As a result, there is need for constant help around the house, either hired or family support.



The challenges faced by parents raising multiples are real, it is important that these parents join a support group that can help them deal with some of the problems they will face, especially on the social and emotional side of things.